Intense incident between Greek Coast Guard and Turkish fisherman off Imvros (VIDEO)

Greek Coast Guard

There was an intense verbal incident between the Greek Coast Guard and a Turkish fisherman in a sea area off Imvros.

According to Sigma Live, the fisherman had entered Greek territorial waters and was approached by a Greek boat.

The Greek Coast Guard asked him to leave, but it was something he was not willing to do.

He claimed that he was in international waters and did not back down from his position, shouting at the Greek officers who were trying to explain to them that he was inside Greek sea territory.

The quarrel was recorded on camera and has been posted on the internet.

"Who are you! Come, if it suits you. We called the port and soon they will come and put you on your feet," the Turkish fisherman said. "You are traitors. Come and intervene."

"There is nothing you can do," he continued, adding: "I'm not afraid of anyone, these are international waters. Do not tell me anything."

The Greek port officer said: "I will sink your boat."

In response, the Turk is heard saying to the man shooting the video to show the position of the boat to prove, as he claims, that it is indeed in international waters.

"It simply came to our notice then. There is a limit of six miles," the Turkish said.

"They keep doing this. We never took a step back.

"They can do nothing.

"If we escape, the challenge will be theirs. T

"Even if we do not fish, we are always here. Everyone will hear that.

"This is not their sea."

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