Turkey throws oil into the Ukrainian fire “with American blessings”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Ukrainian President Volomyr Zelensky Turkey

All eyes are on Ukraine as the crisis between NATO and Russia deepens, while Turkey enters the game more vigorously with a move that energises the situation.

In this context, the Turkish-Ukrainian agreement, which is expected to significantly expand the production of Bayraktar unmanned aircraft by opening a plant in Ukraine, is on fire.

“At the time when the Turkish President appears as a mediator and peacemaker, he finally sells drones. In the case of [Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan, one does not negate the other,” geostrategic analyst Efthymios Petrou said.

“He has shown that he is a very flexible politician and as a result he may back down from these moves, but only if he receives compensation. In any case, this will depend on the reactions of other players around the Ukrainian crisis,” the analyst underlined.

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Moscow’s reaction is expected in the near future as “Russia is the first to suffer from such a thing” as the threat of war on its borders intensifies.

However, according to the analyst, it will not be unlikely that Turkey will try to negotiate with Russia.

At the same time, attention is focused on the upcoming visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Ankara, where the situation will probably be clarified.

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At the moment, the Americans seem to be “blessed” by Turkey’s moves, as Petrou stated.

“US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland seems to be adoring Erdoğan for selling weapons systems to Ukraine,” Petrou said.

“It is worth remembering that in 2014 a telephone conversation was leaked in which the then US Assistant Secretary of State was discussing with the US Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey R. Pyatt – who was then serving in Ukraine – about what the composition of the Ukrainian government should be,” the analyst continued.

In other words, the decision to form the Ukrainian government after the last crisis in the country was taken by the Americans.

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Therefore, it does not seem to be a coincidence that Nuland also played a leading role in the current Ukrainian crisis.

In fact, the scenario of an American attempt to find allies in the Ukrainian crisis has been expressed and for this reason, the Turks are said to have been tempted by the “freezing” of EastMed Pipeline between Greece, Cyprus and Israel.

Greece may have invested everything in the Greek-American agreement for the new American bases and the expansion of the existing ones, “but the Americans seem to be pursuing a more approximate policy towards Turkey after a while.”

“Our country must be constantly vigilant,” concluded the geostrategic analyst.

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