Olympic Anthem Sung in Greek by 40 Chinese Children at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

2022 Beijing Olympic anthem Greek

The Olympic Anthem was sung in Greek by forty Chinese children during the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing on Friday.

The Greek words were learned by the Chinese children in less than three months.


The Olympic Hymn (Greek: Ολυμπιακός Ύμνος, Olympiakós Ýmnos) also known informally as the Olympic Anthem, is a choral cantata by opera composer Spyridon Samaras (with lyrics by Greek poet Kostis Palamas. Both poet and composer were the choice of the Greek Demetrius Vikelas, who was the first President of the International Olympic Committee.

The anthem was performed for the first time for the ceremony of opening of the first edition at the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. In the following years, every hosting nation commissioned to various musicians the composition of a specific Olympic hymn for their own edition of the games.

Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest): Olympics Venue Olympic Anthem Greek
Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest): Olympics Venue

The anthem by Samaras and Palamas was declared the official Olympic Anthem by the International Olympic Committee in 1958 at the 54th Session of the IOC in Tokyo, Japan. The anthem was performed in English at the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley and since then it has been played at each Olympic Games: during the opening ceremony when the Olympic flag is hoisted, and during the closing ceremony when the Olympic flag is lowered.

Lyrics (Original Greek)

Αρχαίο Πνεύμα αθάνατο, αγνέ πατέρα
του ωραίου, του μεγάλου και του αληθινού,
Κατέβα, φανερώσου κι άστραψε εδώ πέρα
στη δόξα της δικής σου γης και τ' ουρανού.

Στο δρόμο και στο πάλεμα και στο λιθάρι
Στων ευγενών αγώνων λάμψε την ορμή
Και με το αμάραντο στεφάνωσε κλωνάρι
και σιδερένιο πλάσε και άξιο το κορμί. (δις)

Κάμποι, βουνά και θάλασσες φέγγουνε μαζί σου
σαν ένας λευκοπόρφυρος μέγας ναός.
Και τρέχει στο ναό εδώ προσκυνητής σου (δις)
Αρχαίο Πνεύμα αθάνατο, κάθε λαός. (δις)

English Translation (Literal)

Ancient Spirit immortal, pure father
of the beautiful, the great and the true,
Get down, show up and sparkle over here
to the glory of your own earth and heaven.

At running and at wrestling and at throwing,
shine in the momentum of noble contests,
and crown with the unfading branch
and make the body worthy and ironlike. (x2)

Plains, mountains and seas shine with you
like a great white-purple temple.
And your pilgrim is running to the temple here, (x2)
Ancient Spirit immortal, every people. (x2)

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