Rower Dimitris Efthymiou killed in tragic car accident

Dimitris Efthymiou

20-year-old rower Dimitris Efthymiou had his last breath as he died in a tragic car accident on Thursday.

The news was announced by the Greek rowing federation, which is based in Mikrolimano, who gave the undefeated athlete his final goodbye.

The announcement of the rowing federation:

"The Greek rowing family mourns the unfortunate loss of the young athlete Dimitris Efthymiou, who lost his life on Thursday afternoon in a car accident.

"Dimitris honoured, with his ethos and competitive spirit, the sport of rowing for many years, taking part in pan-Hellenic and inter-club competitions.


"The rowing family as a whole expresses its deep sorrow for the unjust loss of Dimitris and its warm condolences to his family.

"Have a good trip Dimitris."

Elsewhere, Greece led the parade, as is customary, at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games which started on Friday in the Chinese capital.

The remaining countries entered based on the alphabetical order of the Chinese alphabet.

Italy (as the next Winter Olympic Games host nation) and the host country China will entered last.

Greek athletes led the athletes’ parade at each Olympic Games regardless of its alphabetical order simply because Greece is the place where the Games were born in ancient times– and where the Modern Olympics were resurrected.

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It is recalled that days earlier, a Chinese state-owned English-language TV news service has promoted a Turkish war monger and genocide denier just days before the Beijing Winter Olympics begin.

Doğu Perinçek, Vatan (Patriotic) Party Chairman and Member of Parliament of Turkey, “used a Turkish proverb to call for unity and support for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics,” CGTN reported.

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