Bisbikis on Despina Vandi: "I'm happy, I'm in love, and I'm going through a very nice phase in my life"

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Vassilis Bisbikis and Despina Vandi are without a doubt one of the most in love couples of the domestic show biz at the moment.

The couple do not hide their love at all, even if it has only been a few months since Vandi separated from her ex-husband, former football star and ex-president of AEK football club, Demis Nikolaidis.

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Bisbikis himself admits that he has changed since being with the beloved Greek singer.

The male actor spoke to Down Town magazine about his personal life, the media, as well as Vandi herself and the relationship they have with each other.

The interview:

In recent months, after the announcement of your relationship with Despina Vandi, I think your life has changed completely.

Very much. It was a big change because Despina comes from another world.

Were you able to come to terms with the publicity that your personal life now has?

Now I am in a phase where I notice it and I start to relax a bit. I was very upset with the journalists who were chasing me.

Did Despina, who has lived through all this for many years, prepare you?

She had told me in her own way that it would happen. She asked me if I could stand it or not, but I did not want to get into this process.

I go where my soul tells me, I do not care what society will say about whether or not I will be with Despina.

Despina, as you say, is more familiar with this part of the publicity.

She has gained acceptance and huge love.

I, on the other hand, have gone through the same from the opposite side.

Do you think that people are really interested in the relationship that two celebrities can have?

I do not know dude. I do not understand.

Obviously to chase us will sell like a gossip.

Maybe people see it as something like the life we ​​did not live, like an elusive dream. They say "the star with the actor".

I am happy, I am in love, I am going through a very nice phase in my life.

All people can be in love and have a good time with their partner.

How are we different? We have the same feelings as all people.

I think the charm in your relationship is the contradiction - no one, apparently, could imagine you together.

This is definitely intriguing, I understand.

Despina is somewhat in the minds of the people.

At our core, I see that Despina is a rock and our souls fit.

We are very close if you take off the wrapper.

After all, what made you fall in love with her?

She is an awesome woman. She is very honest, with a depth that does not work with stereotypes.

She is very smart, she has a great sense of humour, she is open-minded and most of all she has an emotional warmth - this mainly: the connection I have with her soul.

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