FLASHBACK to when a Chinese women sang Savvopoulos for Greek Independence 200 year anniversary (VIDEO)

Chinese women

Forty Chinese children moved Greece during the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics when they sang the Olympic Anthem in fluent Greek.

As it became known, it took only three months to learn the lyrics of the Olympic Anthem, which has been set to music by Spyros Samaras and its lyrics have been written by Kostis Palamas.

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However, this was not the first time that the Chinese show how much they love our country and how beautifully they can perform songs with Greek lyrics.

Last year, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Revolution of 1821, professors and students from the Shanghai University of International Studies and the Guangdong University of International Studies sang Diosyni Savvopoulos.

In fact, the song was chosen by the "Greece 2021" Commission.

Watch the video:

This video was unearthed after a Chinese YouTuber named Wagen Wu, who has adopted the name Elpida (Hope in Greek), uploaded to her channel the Greek stars song “Mazi sou,” which she also sings in Greek, and became viral last week.

In the video description, she writes in Greek: “The official video clip for the song Mazi Sou (Together) by Helena Paparizou is finally here, which is a beautiful love song.

“Despite the difficulties I encountered during my interpretation, I finally succeeded! I hope you like my song and performance!”

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The 2022 Winter Olympics are officially underway after Friday's opening ceremony in Beijing, making the Chinese capital the first city in history to host both a Summer and a Winter Olympics.

Chinese President Xi Jinping was joined by many international dignitaries as he attended Friday's ceremony at the Beijing National Stadium, commonly referred to as the Bird's Nest because of its design.

Notably absent were leaders of Anglo countries, as Great Britain, Australia and Canada are among those to join a US-led diplomatic boycott of these Games, citing Beijing's human-rights record.

This is the second Olympics to be held during the coronavirus pandemic.

As with last year's Summer Olympics in Tokyo, a raft of Covid-19 countermeasures have been put in place and the Games will be held inside what authorities have called a "closed loop system" — a bubble completely cut off from the rest of the city.

Tickets for the Games will not be sold to the general public; they will be distributed by authorities instead.

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