Thessaloniki selected over Berlin and Amsterdam for shooting The Bricklayer, starring Aaron Eckhart

the bricklayer aaron eckhart Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki was selected over Berlin and Amsterdam for the shooting of the film The Bricklayer, starring Aaron Eckhart, who will be accompanied by Nina Dobrev.

Filming is expected to begin in March and will last about two months.

Iconic parts of the city, from Aristotelous Square to the Stock Exchange Square, important facilities and infrastructure, will star in an impressive action film, showing off the modern identity of Thessaloniki, bringing the historic port city to global audiences.

The shooting, as GR Times reported, will take place in early and late hours so that there is the least possible inconvenience for the residents of the city.

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The Deputy Mayor of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Thessaloniki expressed her joy that Thessaloniki was chosen for the shooting of the movie.

"In full cooperation with the production and the Traffic Police, we will contribute, in order to reap the benefits for the promotion and extroversion of the city abroad," said Maria Karagianni.

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The preparation of the third film production in the city of Thessaloniki has already begun, with the valuable help and undivided assistance of the Film Office of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

The action film, among others, will star the Thessaloniki City Hall, which will be turned into a CIA headquarters.

The screenplay, written by Hanna Weg (Septembers of Shiraz) and Matt Johnson (Into the Blue), is action-packed.

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The plot of the movie is that someone is blackmailing the CIA by killing foreign journalists, making it look like the agency is responsible.

As the world begins to unite with the United States, the CIA recalls its top - but also revolutionary - agent, forcing him to face his adventurous past while revealing an international conspiracy.

The movie is directed by Renny Harlin, who has directed the films "Die Hard 2", "Cliffhanger" and "Long Kiss Goodnight", among others.

It is noted that on Monday, American producer of Hollywood film production company, Millennium Media, Robert Van Norden, together with the director, are in Thessaloniki.

They met with both the City Hall of Thessaloniki and in the Region of Central Macedonia.

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