Turkey challenges maritime zone around Kastellorizo and Oinousses

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Turkey’s vice president Fuat Oktay has challenged Greece’s maritime zone around the islands of Kastellorizo and Oinousses in the eastern Aegea, while reiterating Turkish demands fo de militarisation.

During an interview on Turkish television, Oktay challenged the Greek islands’ right to a continental shelf because of their proximity to the Turkish mainland.

“[It’s so close ] you can hear the cock crow,” he said of Kastelloriz,o which is located some 2 km off Turkey’s southern coast.

“Turkey cannot back down [from its Aegean claims],” Oktay said, accusing Greece of displaying a “selfish and spoiled attitude.”

The Turkish vice president also repeated Turkish calls that Greece must demilitarise its eastern Aegean islands, while accusing the government in Athens of seeking to lay down legal precedents at the expense of Ankara in the area.

“Turkey is taking the necessary steps. It knows the game and it will do what it has to do,” he said.