Sakis Rouvas speaks about Survivor: I am very jealous, I would like to be there and play the game

Sakis Rouvas

Sakis Rouvas spoke with the best words about his brother Apostolos who gives his own battle on playfield of Survivor.

The popular singer, as he revealed, does not miss a minute of the reality television show, and he himself wants to participate on it.

On speaking initially about an upcoming online concert, he spoke on the show "Better is not possible" about the participation of Apostolos Rouvas in this year's season of Survivor.

"I lost it when I saw him in Survivor. I was moved, I did not expect it," the beloved singer said.

"I feel for Apostolos, I am moved to see him in this phase of his life," he continued, adding: "It is not easy."

"It is a difficult situation and something that puts you in a big crisis in relation to yourself, how you will manage yourself," he continued to say about Survivor.  "It is a dynamic situation that all the participants go through, not just the Apostolos."

However, despite these difficulties, Sakis Rouvas still expressed his desire to one day participate in the reality tv show.

"I'm very jealous, I would like to be there, to play, to be in the game. I would like to sleep on the boards again.

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