Winston Churchill didn't want the penniless Greek Prince for Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Philip

Lady Pamela Hicks, the Queen’s bridesmaid and former lady-in-waiting, has revealed that Winston Churchill wasn't too keen on Prince Philip marrying Queen Elizabeth II reports the Independent.

According to the report, Lady Hicks 92, who is the cousin of the late Duke of Edinburgh, made the revelations during a panel she hosted with her daughter, India Hicks called “70 Years of Duty and Friendship” on Friday evening, discussing her life-long friendship with Queen Elizabeth II.

“Your father, my grandfather, had already thought it might be quite a good thing. They met when she went to visit Dartmouth College at 13 and already then she was rather struck by Prince Philip.” said India Hicks to her mother.

Well, he was a Greek god... later every girl in England was in love with him.
He really was stunning.

“Well, he was a Greek god, and of course, showing off like mad because he was told to look after the two princesses, and so he showed off like mad. Later, every girl in England was in love with him. He really was stunning.” replied Lady Pamela

India countered, saying the British court “had trouble” because Prince Philip was “a Greek prince with no money, no position in court and in fact he was pretty homeless”.

“This Queen was mentored by Winston Churchill but he was quite against the Duke of Edinburgh, but she fought for him.” India said.

“Churchill really was very constructive and felt the penniless Greek prince should be kept in the background and the Queen was too young and inexperienced to have the strength to argue with him,” Lady Pamela said. “So it was a few years before she felt competent enough to say she wanted Philip to have a job and be employed.”