Greece Announced Next Big Move to Limit Single-Use Plastics


Greece has announced its decision to implement a tax on single-use plastic cups and lids. The country had earlier a similar tax scheme on single-use plastic bags. The move is aimed at cutting the use of plastic. Incidentally, Greece is one of the largest plastic consumers in the entire European region.

The majority of plastic coffee cups in use in the country are made of paper and are lined with plastic polyethylene, thus making them unfit for recycling by curbside programs. As a result, they end up in public places like beaches and roads. This was the main reason why Greece decided to impose a tax on them.

However, coffee shop owners alleged that the decision was taken in hurry and that there has been no proper communication from the side of the government to make consumers aware of the tax.

It has come as a burden to consumers, who are already forced to pay charges for plastic bags. Meantime, the government noted that the voluntary charge on plastic bags has resulted in a huge dip in numbers.

The decision comes in line with the EU goal of reducing single-use plastic products by 80% by 2025. The entire EU region consumes approximately 17 billion plastic cups and lids every year, out of which Greece accounts for around 400 million. Also, coffee cups pose a serious threat to seas and oceans and the living beings in them.