Murder in Egypt: Sexual motive suspected behind horrific murder of Greek journalist Nikos Katsikas

Nikos Katsikas Egypt

Egyptian authorities are shedding light on the circumstances of the murder of the Greek journalist Nikos Katsikas in Sheikh Zayed to the west of the Egyptian capital Cairo.

According to a report by Erem News, the police department of the area where the journalist lived was informed last Saturday by his neighbours about a strong unpleasant smell that was coming out of his apartment in Sheikh Zayed.

Without wasting time, the police together with security forces arrived at the spot and after finding the smell, they entered the house and found him dead in a pool of blood.

Egyptian authorities found Katsikas with many knife wounds in different parts of his body.

An investigation revealed the circumstances of the tragedy and the identity of the perpetrator - as it turned out, the killer was in charge of home delivery.

It turned out that a friendship had developed between the two men just a week before the crime. The two of them had exchanged telephone numbers so that they could communicate with each other.

According to Erem News, regarding the day of the crime, the perpetrator first visited the journalist.

After they met and had sex, the perpetrator then stabbed Katsikas with a knife in various parts of the body.

During the frenzied stabbing, he took money and valuables from the apartment and then fled.

Police of the Giza Security Directorate quickly found the perpetrator and arrested him.

During his transfer to the security directorate, he confessed to the crime and was charged.

The body of the unfortunate journalist was examined by an Egyptian medical examiner and handed over to a representative of the Greek embassy in Cairo.

Government spokesman Yiannis Economou sent his own message about the journalist's death in Egypt.

"I express my condolences for the death of journalist Nikos Katsikas. Our consular authorities are in contact with the competent Egyptian authorities to investigate this sad incident," he said on Twitter.