Murder of Alkis: The 20-year-old who had escaped to Albania was arrested

Alkis Kabanou

The 20-year-old who had fled to Albania after the football hooligan motivated murder of Alkis Kabanou in Thessaloniki was finally arrested.

Albanian police handcuffed the 20-year-old in Korytsa (Κορυτσά, Albanian: Korçë) in Northern Epirus, southern Albania.

Now, the process for his extradition to Greece begins, as was reported by ALPHA.

On Wednesday, Albanian police brought in seven relatives and friends of the specific family, without, however, showing any significant results for the investigations.

It is recalled that an international arrest warrant has been issued against him.

He left for Albania with his father and grandmother shortly after the savage attack.

Speaking to reporters outside the Thessaloniki Courthouse, his lawyer, Paris Spyratos, said that his client has indeed gone to Albania but will be handed over to Albanian authorities.

He expressed his condolences for the "unfortunate and unpleasant" incident, as he said, and pointed out that the 20-year-old will consent to his extradition to Greece in order to speed up the process.

Murder of Alki: "No one was killed with the scythe"

Apostolos Lytras, lawyer for a 21-year-old accused of murder with a scythe, identified as G.K., denied that it was the scythe that dealt the fatal blow.

He also claimed that he did not use this object.

More specifically, the lawyer stated that his client admits that he originally had the scythe with him, however, he denies that he used it in the attack.

He also claims that the victim was killed in another way.

"What I already know is that things happened in a completely different way from what we know so far," said Lytras.

"He had the scythe but it ended up in his car. With this scythe, the blow was not fatal," claimed Lytras.

The 21-year-old Greek "gives" up the murder

The 21-year-old G.K. in his testimony pointed out that the 25-year-old "Athenian" was responsible for the murder.

He claimed that he saw him holding the convex knife and agreed at one point to get rid of it.

The 19-year-old Alkis, a student and Aris fan not involved in fan violence, was murdered last by hooligans from rival club PAOK.

At least one of the accused is a member of the Palaion Patron Germanou Street PAOK fan club and has a history of violence-related offences, including charges of assault with a bladed weapon in 2019 near the scene of the recent murder.

Vice-Prosecutor of Areios Pagos, Greece’s supreme court, Zacharias Kokkinakis, sent a notification to the country’s court of first instance prosecutors last week, urging for their vigilance in the prevention and drastic tackling of crimes deriving from sports violence.

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