Jennifer Aniston: Her new movie with Adam Sandler and her new hair

Jennifer Aniston Adam Sandler

There should not be a possibility where one writes about Jennifer Aniston without mentioning her hair.

After the haircut that got its name - The Rachel hair cut, from her eponymous role in the series Friends - but also all the trends that she creats from time to time, the beloved actress deserves the title of a hair icon.

She made the latest change in her hair known on Instagram, in addition to posing for a hug with the actor Adam Sandler.

In the photo she is standing in front of the beach wearing a floral kaftan and white shorts, while her hair is combed in curls to the beautiful blonde she has maintained for many years.

And if you are wondering what the change is, since we have seen her with blonde curls before, find out how Jennifer Aniston cut innocence.

If you are thinking of following the trend, you can be inspired by our suggestions here.

"Back to work with my buddy," she wrote in the caption of the photo, which was accompanied with a short video from the shooting of the movie Murder Mystery 2.

As it appears, she will co-star with Adam Sandler (the two of them have collaborated before in the past).

See her post:


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The famous actress has only been on Instagram for a short while, but she has already gained millions of followers, while her posts are not limited only to her professional career.

She often shares moments from her daily life with friends or with her pets.

Sometime ago, she posted a video in which she exercises - or at least tries to exercise - with her two dogs.


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