Angelos Charisteas: I have been a victim of fan violence many times, I was chased with stones

Angelos Charisteas

The 2004 European champion and current Vice President for Digital Policy at Region of Central Macedonia, Angelos Charisteas, spoke to Hamogela kai Pali! about the murder of Alkis Kabanou and sent his own message for dealing with fan violence.

Fan violence came to the fore after the murder of Alkis Kabanou in Thessaloniki.

Angelos Charisteas, European champion in 2004 with the National Team of Greece, took a position regarding the murder of the unfortunate 19-year-old.

“I also spoke with Alkis’s father, I recognise the greatness of his soul as a person, and as a family what they represent, and listening to him, we all feel a little bad inside,” the former football player said.

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“We say what could we do better for this society, in which we raise our children?” he continued, adding: “Football, sport, does not represent violence, it is the proposal against violence. In the case of Alkis we are dealing with a cold-blooded murder.”

“I want to dwell on two things: A similar incident took place 1.5 years ago in Thessaloniki with the murder of a 28-year-old, and now a 19-year-old,” Charisteas reflected.

“All the same, nothing has changed for the better. We must move from words to deeds,” he added.

“Strict penalties and strengthen our education”

“Violence in football in general exists,” Charistead continued.

“Fan violence has to do with a certain number of hooligans, it is not something unknown to the teams.

“Think about what messages and what education we give to our children about what sport is.

“We are waiting for something to happen so we can wake up.

“Punishments should be vertical and strict and observed.

“On the other hand, we should pass on the message of the sports unit and strengthen education in this area.

“At the age of 17-18 I fell victim to fan violence.”

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Chairsteas then revealed how he has “fallen victim to fan violence many times.”

“At the age of 22 I left for abroad, where I saw the beauty of football and sports and when I returned, I noticed that nothing has changed in Greece on this issue,” commented the Greek football legend.

“We parents must set an example for our children.

“Every year I talk to children, I aim to talk to over 10,000 children and put my own little stone in changing things.

“Sports helped me to overcome all these problems that I faced from the fan attacks.”

“There are ways to deal with it as long as we want to do it”

“In the region we organise many days against violence, but the penalties must be toughened.

“There must be restrictions on social networks to tackle violence.

“I was a director of Aris and I can tell you that there is a way to do all this legally, as long as the association takes the initiative to implement it properly and as it should,” pointed out Charisteas.

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