Greek Parliament Releases French Frigate Contract Details

FDI infographic

Greek Parliament released the details of Greece's contract with Naval Group for the Hellenic Navy's future frigates on February 9, which includes information such as equipment, configurations, milestone dates, costs, payment plans, and so on reports Naval News.

First FDI frigate blocks Naval Group Lorient

According to local media the timeline of the project’s milestone events mentioned in the document are as follows:

31.10.2022 – First Steel Cutting of the 2nd frigate
30.11.2022 – First block in the drydock of the 1st frigate
31.10.2023 – First Steel Cutting of the 3rd frigate
30.11.2023 – First block in the drydock of the 2st frigate
31.08.2024 – First Sea Going of the 1st frigate
31.03.2025 – Delivery of the 1st frigate
30.06.2025 – First Sea Going of the 2nd frigate
31.10.2025 – Delivery of the 2nd frigate
30.06.2026 – First Sea Going of the 3rd frigate
31.10.2026 – Delivery of the 3rd frigate
31.01.2027 – Completion of the upgrade of the 2nd frigate to Standard-2
30.09.2027 – Completion of the upgrade of the 1st frigate to Standard-2

FDI infographic
About FDI frigates

"The FDI is a front line surface combatant with a 4,500 tons class displacement. Multipurpose and resilient, she is capable of operating, alone or within a naval force. She offers capabilities for all types of warfare: anti-surface, anti-air, anti-submarine, and as well as for special forces projection. Bringing together the best of French naval technologies on a compact platform, the FDI is a powerful and innovative frigate, designed to meet the evolution of threats.

"It is the first frigate to benefit from a digital architecture that will allow her continuous adaptation to technological and operational evolutions. As a result, the FDI will be able to address current and future threats and to handle always more data.

"The FDI will be the first French frigate natively protected against cyber threats, with two data centers virtually accommodating a great part of the ship applications. The FDI introduces the concept of a dedicated system for asymmetric warfare. This system will enable the coordination and conduct of the fight against small and close air and surface threats, including booby-trapped boats.

"Strongly armed (Exocet MM40 B3C anti-surface missiles, Aster 15/30 anti-air missiles, MU90 antisubmarine torpedoes, artillery), the FDI is able to embark simultaneously a helicopter (10 tons class such as NH90) or the future Joint Light Helicopter and an unmanned aerial vehicle (up to 700kg). She can also receive a Special Forces detachment with their two commando boats. They are equipped with the new generation Seafire radar with four fixed panels, developed by Thales, which, combined with the missile delivery system, offers unmatched area defense capabilities."

FDI Technical specifications
displacement: 4,500 tons class ;
length: 122 meters ;
beam: 18 metres ;
max. speed: 27 knots ;
autonomy: 45 days ;
operational availability: 3,500 hours per year
aviation facility: 10 ton-class helicopter + 1 UAV (up to 700 Kg)
accommodation: 125 + 28 passengers.

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