What Was It Like to Live in Ancient Greece?

live Ancient Greece

The Captivating History YouTube channel has released a fascinating new video related to what it was like to live in Ancient Greece.

The channel, which to date has garnered over 170,000 subscribers, says its purpose is to "create educational resources that will make people love history and mythology."

In the description of its newly released video, titled "What Was It Like to Live in Ancient Greece?", Captivating History writes: "The culture and events of Greece were so influential they have a significant effect on modern-day people all over the world.

"The ancient Greeks gave birth to democracy, a political system frequently used and considered by some as the best form of government.

"Great minds from Greece also made incredible and vital discoveries such as the water mill, the basics of geometry and using medicine to cure illness.

"The ancient Greek philosophers laid the groundwork for a whole new field of thought and study.

"Ancient Greece offered the foundation of the Olympic games, which still run regularly today.

"Particularly famous historical figures such as Alexander the Great and Cleopatra also had ties to and roles during Greek history, through the course of wars and empire expansion."

One of the first videos about Ancient Greece by the channel is "The Hellenistic Age Explained in 10 Minutes".

The description says: "The Hellenistic age brought a great deal of change in the ancient world.

"However, the era was destined to end in 31 BCE with the Battle of Actium.

"Octavian’s Roman forces defeated Mark Antony’s and Cleopatra’s Ptolemaic fleet, thus securing the rise of the Roman Empire.

"While the Hellenistic age lasted only for a brief period in humanity’s rich history, its influence on culture, science, and philosophy has resonated with the world ever since."

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