Greek film “Man of God” showing in 800 US theatres on March 21 (video)

Man of God

“Man of God,” the award-winning box office hit depicting the life of St. Nektarios, will release in French movie theatres on March 10, 13 and 14 in select locations throughout the country.

Written and directed by Yelena Popovic, the film stars an international cast that includes Aris Servetalis, Alexander Petrov and Golden Globe winner Mickey Rourke.

“Man of God” depicts the trials and tribulations of St. Nektarios as he bears the unjust hatred of his enemies while preaching the word of God. Nektarios was stripped of his church and exiled from Egypt but continued to care for the poor, teach peasant girls to read and write and established a convent on the Greek island of Aegina which continues to attract visitors.

Despite the efforts of the religious establishment to discredit him and dismantle his good works over decades, St. Nektarios convent on Aegina remains a beacon to pilgrims.

Even his last moment on earth was used to help another: Upon his death, Nektarios’ undergarment was removed, and as it fell upon the paralyzed man in the hospital bed next to him, the man arose to walk.

The film has won multiple international awards including the Audience Award at the Moscow International Film Festival; Audience Award at the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival; Best International Film Award at the Siena (Italy) International Film Festival and Audience Award and Best Director Award at St. Andrews (Scotland) Film Festival. 

“Man of God” has won the hearts of the public in Greece, Russia and Serbia and in upcoming weeks will have premieres in Latin America, Australia and the United States.

Music for the film was composed by two-time French Cesar winner Zbigniew Preisner with special performance by Golden Globe winner Lisa Gerrard. 

In France, more information about which theaters will play the film can be found on the website of Saje Distribution.

The film will premiere in New York City on February 23 during a screening hosted by the Greek America Foundation, a locally-based non-profit organization.

In the U.S. the film will premiere nationwide for one-night-only on March 21. Visit the film’s IMDb page for information about where it will screen in your area.