Eleni Foureira's steamy mirror nude photos on Valentine's Day

Eleni Foureira

Eleni Foureira sent her own message for Valentine's Day with a steamy post on social media.

The singer posted photos  on Instagram of herself naked in front of her mirror blurred by steam and a simple message of love for everyone.

Specifically, she writes on the mirror: "I Love You," with some of parts of her body visible through the words.

Eleni Foureira writes often - especially about her personal life, but we all know her own "Valentine", who is none other than former Olympiacos footballer, the Spaniard Alberto Botía, with whom, as she has stated, she is madly in love with.

"God knows if we will get married," the popular singer said in a recent interview.

"I am very well, very happy. I am very much in love.

"Of course I miss him too. I like everything about him.

"I like the exterior… He is very handsome.

"After so many years there are times when I turn around abruptly and say 'My Lady, may your mother be well who made you so beautiful.'

"He is not oppressive at all and very independent as a human being.

"He is very generous with my friends."

Look at the photos:

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Eleni Foureira is a Greek singer and dancer who began her music career in 2007 as a member of the Greek girl group Mystique, before pursuing a solo career after the group disbanded in 2009.

She was born in Fier in southern Albania, a city founded in 600 BC by Ancient Greek settlers from Corfu and Corinth.

She has three siblings: Ioanna, Margarita, and Giorgos.

She grew up in the Eastern Orthodox faith, and has a grandfather who was from Greece. has three siblings: Ioanna, Margarita, and Giorgos. Foureira grew up in the Eastern Orthodox faith, and has a grandfather who was from Greece.

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The singer signed a solo contract with Universal Music Greece and released her self-titled debut album in 2010, which received a platinum certification in Greece.

She later signed with Minos EMI, and went on to release her second and third studio albums Ti Poniro Mou Zitas and Anemos Agapis in 2012 and 2014, respectively.

Both albums were well-received in Greece and Cyprus.

Foureira left Minos EMI in 2015, and signed with Panik Records.

Her fourth studio album Vasilissa was released in December 2017.

She represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with the song “Fuego”.

On 8 May 2018 she qualified from the first semi-final to the grand final, where she finished second with 436 points, the best result Cyprus has ever achieved in the contest.

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