ATHENS: Polish national and Greek woman who murdered 7 year old boy taken to prison


A 33-year-old Polish national and his 29-year-old Greek partner charged with committing together the murder of the woman’s seven-year-old son were taken to jail on Tuesday, Greek police reported.

Arrested last week on Friday, the couple on Saturday had confessed to the killing of the boy in 2017. They then concealed his body for five years, taking it with them from one apartment to another. Police investigating the boy’s disappearance found his bones stored in a toolbox in the couple’s flat in the Athens district of Kypseli on Saturday.

The mother of the slain boy, had been led before a public prosecutor on Sunday morning, while her partner, a Polish national, had been led before a prosecutor on Saturday night.

According to their confession, they caused the boy’s death by asphyxiation after blocking his nose and mouth with duct tape, then built a make-shift tomb with bricks on the roof of their apartment building, where they placed the body.