Another Greek actor gets charged with serial rape

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The actor refuted the allegations

Greek actor Lambros Filippou has been charged with the crime of serial rape and attempted rape by the Athens Court of First Instance. The actor, who had also worked professionally abroad, was charged with four counts of rape after women, two of whom were sisters filed a complaint. In fact, one of the sisters is a renowned actress with an international career.

This is the fifth actor in Greek showbiz who is now being prosecuted for serious cases of sexual abuse. Following the official prosecution, the case file will be forwarded to an investigator, who will summon the accused to testify.

The reported victims claimed during the preliminary investigations that they had been subjected to brutal sexual abuse by the actor Lambros Filippou. The actor denied he had committed the alleged crimes in a written statement he forwarded to the Greek Justice during the 1st phase of the investigation, claiming in his defence that one of the complainants had fallen in love with him. However, a new round of testimonies of the victims followed, who insisted that they were forced to have sex without their consent.