CNN Türk wonders when is the best time for Turkey to invade Greece's Aegean islands

Aegean CNN Turk

Pro-government media in Turkey are creating a climate of war against Greece, pushing for the Aegean islands to be demilitarised.

Journalists and analysts on television even speak directly about a military invasion of the islands, because they are obviously "suffocated" by international law.

Speaking to CNN Türk, strategic analyst Abdullah Çiftçi describes when will be the best time for Turkey to invade the Greek islands.

"China's disintegration within the EU will somehow grow and interests will stand out," Çiftçi said (in the video: 7:58-8:24).

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"Problems with Poland and Hungary within the EU-NATO may be challenged," he continued, provocatively adding: "Then I believe that Turkey will be able to do the operation it wants on the islands... not now."

"Now Turkey is fighting in the diplomatic arena, but I believe that in the future it will have this opportunity," Çiftçi predicted.

In the same vein and what was heard on a show of the Ülke TV, where the journalist discusses with the analyst Yusuf Alabarda about the alleged "violations" of Greece in the Aegean.

In front of a map of the Aegean Sea, where they have grouped and changed the names of the islands to: "In front of the straits", "Saruhan islands" and "Mendes islands", Alabarda accused Greece of militarising islands and islets.

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"After the 'peace' military operation in Cyprus in 1974, Greece begins to equip these islands," he said, referring to the Turkish invasion of the Megalonisos.

Journalist Turgay Guler looks at the maps and get excited, saying: "But are these islands possible to be left to the Greeks?"

Not a single tear rolled down the cheek of the Turkish journalist…

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