MOLNUPIRAVIR: Government says antiviral medication successful in treating Covid-19

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The Greek government announced that newly distributed antiviral medication is proving successful in the treatment of Covid-19.

Adults administered molnupiravir pills are responding well to the treatment so far, Alternate Health Minister Mina Gaga said during a regular briefing on Thursday.

Gaga said the treatment is exclusively for high-risk patients who have contracted coronavirus. It is the first administration of the Covid-19 treatment in Greece, and more details are expected to emerge in coming weeks. She said that so far 2,653 applications were filed for the treatment, and 1,957 units of pills have been delivered. Another 322 applications have been canceled by the patients themselves, she added.

Speaking at the same briefing, doctor Gkikas Magiorkinis said that Covid-related deaths have dropped nationwide by 20%, easing the pressure on the National Health System. The number of patients in ICUs also dropped, by 7%. In addition, admissions to hospitals dropped and discharges increased.

Doctor Vana Papaevangelou noted that the total number of Covid patients in Greece now stands at 4,100.