Turkey violates Greek air space 47 times in a single day

Turkish fighter jet greek

Turkish provocation continues with undiminished intensity over the Northeastern, Central and Southeastern Aegean.

The latest violations amounted to 47, of which 30 were committed by CN 235 spy planes.

Three violations were committed by unmanned UAVs, one by ATR-72 helicopters and the remaining 13 by Turkish fighter jets.

The 22 Turkish F-16s flew into ten formations and it is worth noting that the ten were armed.

Also, 18 violations of the Greek Flight Information Region (FIR) and seven blockages were recorded.

It is noted that two UAVs, an ATR-72 and two CN235 electronic warfare aircraft flew individually.

As reported by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (GEETHA), Turkish aircraft were identified and intercepted in accordance with international rules and in accordance with established practice.

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Meanwhile, the Greek parliament on Tuesday approved a €3 billion agreement for three new French-made frigates that are vital for addressing Turkey's ongoing provocations against Greece.

Lawmakers also voted in favour of adding six new Rafale fighter jets to an existing order for 18 planes ‒ six of them newly built and 12 that were previously in service in the French air force.

Defence Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos said the Greek military needs to modernise following repeated funding cuts during the country’s acute 2010-18 financial crisis.

"There is no armament programme that is ‘slightly necessary’ or ‘somewhat necessary’," Panagiotopoulos told lawmakers Monday during a committee-level debate in parliament.

“All of the armament programmes that we have submitted for approval, in one way or another, are absolutely necessary for the armed forces ‒ extremely necessary, urgently necessary," he added.

The purchases were approved by the centre-right government's 157 lawmakers in the 300-seat parliament, with the backing of two opposition parties.

SYRIZA opposed the additional purchase of French fighter jets.

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