Melina Mercouri cafe in Athens

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This cafe was once a humble, but popular bakery set in nostalgic Plaka. Now it is a cafe dedicated to the memory of the modern goddess of Athens, Melina Mercouri. Andreas Martzaklis, the owner, started as a waiter, then a Maitre at the Prime Minister's Hall where he had the opportunity to converse with the then Minister of Culture, Melina Mercouri.

In 1994 upon her passing, he named his cafe in her honour and filled it with her essence.
The warm and golden first impression on entering is thanks to music professor, Elena Ntouchanika, who still manages the easy-on-the-ears soundtrack.

The cafe's philosophy is to hold to the spirit of Old Athens and Plaka, something close to the heart of their muse.

Dedicated to the famous Greek film star Melina Mercouri, this unique cafe is ideal for breakfast, lunch, coffee and drinks.

Friendly atmosphere, quality music and arty decor in a historical part of Athens, right below the Acropolis.

A collection of mementos referring to Melina Mercouri offer a rare occasion for nostalgia and insight into her passion for life and Greece.