EUROFERRY OLYMPIA: The captain and two engineers brought before prosecutors

Euroferry olympia

The captain and two engineers of the Euroferry Olympia were arrested and brought before the prosecutor, who has already ordered an urgent preliminary examination into the fire.

The arrest was made during the preliminary investigation and after being taken to the prosecutor they were released, Proto Thema reported.

According to the port authorities, "this is the formal procedure followed after these incidents."

It was later clarified that their statements were sent to the Corfu Prosecutor, who in turn gave a verbal order to release all three.

The captain and the crew members, after the procedure concluded, were transferred to one of the four accommodation hotels that were activated for the survivors of the ship.

It should be noted that the captain and the crew members of the Euroferry Olympia arrived early yesterday at noon in the port of OLKE together with those rescued on the Italian boat Gardia di Finanza.

The italian boat was at the scene of the tragic event as it was following the same ferry line to Italy.

In the meantime, the effort to extinguish the fire on the ship has continued since the morning.

The fire in the bow was extinguished and continues to burn from the middle of the ship to the stern.

The ship is moored to the tugs so it is under control.

Special care is needed for possible explosions though.

In addition, the atmosphere is toxic and the constant flares of flames are troubling the authorities.

The goal of the Coast Guard is to be able to get rescues back on deck to continue the search for the 12 missing people, all of them truck drivers.

They are seven Bulgarians, three Greeks, a Turk and a Lithuanian.





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