EUROFERRY OLYMPIA: Charred body found but 10 passengers still missing from ferry disaster

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Α charred body was found in a truck on the Euroferry Olympia late Sunday.

Earlier on Sunday, a 21-year-old Belarussian, one of 12 missing passengers of the Euroferry Olympia, that was located alive on the stern of the ship on Sunday was rescued and transferred with a coast guard boat to Corfu and afterwards to the General hospital of the island.

The fire broke out on Friday on one of the third car deck as it as it was sailing off Erikoussa, near Corfu, while carrying out the journey from Igoumenitsa to the port of Brindisi in Italy.

Meanwhile, Corfu port authorities on Friday announced that at least 277 passengers and crew on the "Euroferry Olympia", the ferry that was engulfed in flames while en route to Brindisi, have been counted and identified. According to the latest figures, 11 people remain unaccounted for, including 3 Greeks.

A fire broke out on board the ship around midnight, as it was sailing in an area northeast of the island of Ereikousa, while carrying out the journey from Igoumenitsa to the port of Brindisi in Italy.

An operation was underway on Friday to rescue two more individuals that continue to be trapped on the burning ship.

A vessel carrying fire engines that are dousing the decks with water is currently sailing alongside the burning ferry, assisted by a tug that is also participating in the fire-fighting effort, along with three helicopters.

According to sources, the fire appears to have started on the third deck and, based on the passenger manifest, there were 239 passengers and a crew of 51 on board. Of these, 14 passengers and seven crew members were Greek nationals.

When the fire started, the ship's captain ordered that the ship be immediately evacuated and 278 individuals were transported with safety to the port of Corfu by Greek and Italian coast guard vessels. One individual with respiratory problems was taken to the island's hospital.

According to the shipping firm Grimaldi Group, the ship was also carrying 153 trucks and 32 passenger vehicles. It said that no fuel leak has been detected in the sea surrounding the ferry while its stability has not been affected.