The Real Faces Of Ancient Greeks (VIDEO)

Ancient Greeks Real Faces

A video on YouTube shows the faces of Ancient Greeks in a realistic way like never seen before.

The video shows how Athenian philosopher Socrates would have realistically looked, as well as Athenian statesmen Demosthenes, Athenian Statesmen Pericles, philosopher Aristotle, historian Xenophon and poet Sophocles, among others.

The Cypriot YouTuber Panagiotis Constantinou said in the video description that this "was the result of a lot of requests for bringing to life some ancient Greek faces especially from the golden age."

"Having some personal knowledge of ancient Greece, this could be the first part of an info, teach thingy about this subject or perhaps the Persian invasions of Greece, the description added.

Constantinou describes his channel as "a place for open minded, forward thinking people who have something good and reconstructive to say."

He also stressed for no racism, religious fanaticism or nationalism.

In Part 2 to his Ancient Greece series, he wrote: "the second part of a re-creation of ancient Greek's faces taken from statues, mostly intellectuals, poets and philosophers."

Other videos in his series also includes Alexander the Great, Aphrodite and Cleopatra.

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