20-year-old Cretan woman knocks out mugger when defending her friend (PHOTOS)

Cretan Dimitra

A 20-year-old female Cretan martial artist knocked out a would-be robber in the city of Heraklion when he attacked her friend.

The incident took place last Friday at around 17:30 in the central market of Heraklion when Dimitra Sakadaki was going for coffee with her friend.

When walking to the café, Dimitra's friend was ahead of her while talking on the phone.

Suddenly, a man around 40-years-old, attacked Dimitra’s friend and tried to snatch her bag.

The young student of mathematics, who is also a student in martial arts, confronted him and attempted to immobilise him.

A fight ensued, with the man and Dimitra exchanging blows.

However, the young woman managed to finally subdue him by delivering a devastating blow to his jaw.

This proved to be a knock out blow that left the wannabe mugger unconscious.

Police forces rushed to the spot almost immediately and arrested the criminal.

The criminal is now being held at the 1st Heraklion Police Department.

During the fight, the 20-year-old suffered a broken nose and was transferred to a private medical practice to receive first aid.

Dimitra Sakadaki

Dimitra Sakadaki

Her father confirmed on Facebook that after receiving medical care, her recovery is progressing smoothly.

Photos of the Cretan warrior:

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Dimitra Sakadaki

Dimitra Sakadaki

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