390kg tuna caught by Greek fishermen in the Ioanian Sea: Largest in a decade

390 tuna kilos fish Ionian Sea kg

One of the largest fish caught in the last decade, a tuna specifically, was the glory for one angler in the Ionian Sea.

According to SKAI, this massive fish weighs 390 kilograms and is about three metres long.

The fishmonger of the Renti market said it will be sent to be sold on the European market, probably sliced.

He pointed out that although the demand for tuna is very high in Asia, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is very difficult to transport.

Tuna fishing in Greece varies moderately throughout the year, but there is no closed season.

The high season runs from July to September, and the low season is January to March and November to December.

Greece is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and its basin seas - the Ionian Sea and Aegean Sea.

Tuna can be found all around Greece, and these fish come even as close as a few kilometres from shore in some areas during the summer.

It is for this reason that the European summer is best time to target them.

This summer fishing in the heat provides for a very unique experience for anglers.

None-the-less, during the winter month you will just have to head slightly further out catch them.

Because of archeological remains and the research, it was discovered that the Ancient Greeks loved Phoenician salted tuna.

In fact, thanks to the Greek love for it, the Phoenicians were the first to globalize a seafood product in the Mediterranean.

This is much earlier than the Romans did.

According to Planet Tuna, the origin of preserved tuna is actually unclear.

Apparently, it may have first appeared in the Near East or in ancient Greece.

However, the Phoenicians were the first to develop a powerful economic activity based on fishing by preserving and trading with this fish.

Tuna went from being eaten locally in several areas of the Mediterranean to becoming a delicacy that traveled thousands of kilometers, from the Strait of Gibraltar all the way to Greece.

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