How many tens of millions is Giannis Antetokounmpo making on and off court?

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo's income has been increasing every season since 2013 when he decided to make the big trip from Greece to the USA and entered the "Mecca of basketball" - the NBA.

About nine years later, the poor kid from Sepolia, who today is one of the greatest basketballers, figures in fourth place in the "golden" list of Forbes with the players who earn the most from their off-Court activities.

The "Greek Freak" has warned a staggering $41 million from such activities.

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That is, behind only three other stars: the much older and former US King LeBron James - with $ 70 million in sponsorships, other commercial deals and personal business - and Steve Carey and Kevin Durand at $47 million each.

The Milwaukee star, however, maintains at the age of 27 all the prospects to multiply his wealth in the coming years.

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The paradox to some extent is that at the moment he manages to make more money off the court than on it, as is the case with the other Top NBAers.

Or, at least, sounds strange to many, when people know that the 2.11 m tall Greek international forward of the Milwaukee Bucks, NBA champion and MVP, signed a super max contract with a total value of $228.2 million dollars with the bucks until 2026.

Yiannis 3

How is this done, in the case of Giannis?

What is certain is that the balances between… inside and outside parquet revenues will change.

For the current season, 2021-22, the first installment of his contract service for the Bucks will bring him $39,344,900, or $ 1.65 million less compared to his… business profits!

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His total earnings ($80.3 million) rank him 4th in the NBA, compared to LeBron James's $111.2 million ($41.2 million on-field-off-field: $70 million).

$92.8 million by Steve Carey ($45.8 million on-court-$47 million off-field) and $87.9 million by Kevin Durant ($40.9 million) $47 million off-field).

2,900% increase in 3 contracts

In the coming years, Antetokounmpo's income is expected to increase from both sources: from his Bucks salary to his new trade agreements.

Which of the two will rise to a higher level, will be seen in practice.

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The increase of his earnings from his super max contract with Milwaukee: 2021-22: $39,344,900, 2022-23: $42,492,492, 2023-24: $45,640,084, 2024-25: $48,787,676, 2025-26: $51,935,268.

If you consider that the Greek Freak received only… $1,792,560 when he first set foot in the United States in 2013, it means that his "salary" will jump "29 times" from three contracts until 2026 in 13 years, or by 2,900%!

The $12 million from Nike and the new deals

How much does Antetokounmpo receive from his sponsors? Forbes estimates that the Greek star's new deal with NIKE has now reached $ 12 million per year (from… $20,000 at one time) with increasing trends.

Last December, the Greek NBAer entered into a fairly large deal with the NFTSTAR digital collecting platform and ALT sports card exchange company.

He also invested (along with Michael Jordan) in the startup resale of WatchB luxury watches to win $1 billion.

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If we add that time counts down for the start of the screening of the movie about his life by Disney in 2022, either in the cinemas, or by the streaming service Disney Plus, he is on course to make millions and millions more.

The son of Nigerian parents has also not forgotten his childhood roots in Greece, and now invests in the Greek market with the sports drinks company Ready Nutrition.

He has been a shareholder in the Greek company since 2020.

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