Greece concerned over energy supply amid Russia, Ukraine conflict


Greece is concerned over its energy supply following the escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with the country confident it will manage any eventuality.

"We will do everything possible so that we do not face a problem with the gas supply in our country," government spokesperson Yiannis Economou said on Tuesday in an interview with SKAI TV, following the Council of Foreign Affairs and National Defence (KYSEA) meeting.

Economou explained that "all measures have been taken so as not to endanger the supply chain in our country, all the problems have been weighed," and stressed that "the country has planned a series of actions so that we are not deprived of natural gas, either with liquefied natural gas (LNG), or by changing and modifying the mix in terms of production. There are no problems on the horizon in terms of the supply chain."

The government spokesperson insisted that "we must be vigilant, as worrying developments took place last night," on the Russia-Ukraine front, however, he clarified that "our country is not one of those who will face problems," from the crisis, which is evolving on the Russian-Ukrainian border.