"You are in Greek territorial waters, leave" - ​​The incident between the Hellenic Coast Guard and Turkish fishing boat

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A serious incident took place on Tuesday afternoon in the sea area between Oinousses and Chios between a Turkish fishing vessel that violated Greek territorial waters and a Coast Guard vessel that rushed to the spot.

The Coast Guard initially communicated via VHF radio to the Turkish captain to leave the area, but he never answered.

A Greek Navy boat approached the Turkish vessel and a warning was made.

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"You are in Greek territorial waters. Go away," was the order from the local authorities.

According to Proto Thema, three other people were on the fishing boat and came out at the bow of the boat and began to throwing stones and various objects the Coast Guard.

At the same time, the Turkish captain made a move to barge into the Greek patrol boat.

With the Coast Guard forced to fire warning shots into the air, the fishing boat left immediately back to Turkey.

The incident is considered serious because it happened at a time when the Turks are even questioning the sovereignty of Greece's Eastern Aegean islands.

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In fact, the aggression of the Turkish fishermen makes Greek authorities suspect the incident was officially instigated by Turkey to create an incident.

As a warning shot was made, Turkish authorities are now claiming that fisherman was injured

The Coast Guard have intensified their patrols and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also been informed.

Ankara is attempting to upset stability in the region, once again, by claiming that the sovereignty of Greece's Aegean Islands are under question.

This is something that Athens, Washington, London and the European Union have rejected.

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