Pakistani mugger arrested by police in Piraeus, two compatriots still on the run

handcuffs arrested Pakistanis immigrant Kos

Police officers handcuffed a young Pakistani, who with two accomplices, robbed him in the early hours of last Thursday a 24-year-old Greek man in the Piraeus neighbourhood of Nikaia.

According to L&O, the three robbers located their victim on Antiochias Street and immobilised him by using physical force.

The robbers snatched his wallet and started running through the dark streets of the area.

The 24-year-old asked for help and locals called 100.

Patrol crews of the local department and the Police Immediate Action units arrived at Antiochias Street.

The young victim described to the police the characteristics of the perpetrators and after searching and a pursuit, a 22-year-old Pakistani was located and arrested.

His accomplices, who also had the victim's wallet, were not located.

The young robber was taken to the Nikaia Security Department where he was unreservedly recognised by the 24-year-old Greek.

Nikaia Security are still looking for the other two robbers.

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