Jimmy Kimmel sends newlyweds to Greece for their honeymoon


With couples around the world rushing to get married or engaged on the very unusual and popular date of February 2, 2022 (2/22/22) American TV host Jimmy Kimmel couldn't resist the temptation of not partaking somehow.

In typical Jimmy Kimmel style, the popular TV Host found a couple of audiences members, named Tu & Thu (both pronounced two), and surprised them by marrying them live on his show. To their surprise, producers had ensured the couple's family and friends were present.

Soon enough, Kimmel's sidekick, Guillermo dressed in a pink tutu escorted Tu & Thu on stage where Jimmy performed the wedding ceremony with a speech riddled with 'twos' and then announced they were being sent to Timbaktu for their honeymoon, before the couple suggested an alternative honeymoon destination, one they REALLY wanted to go to: GREECE!

And so it was, Greece was the word once again!