BREAKING: Two ethnic Greeks killed in Sartana village, Ukraine

Sartana Ukraine Mariupol

Two more ethnic Greeks lost their lives in the village of Sartana in the Mariupol region of Ukraine,

At least another four ethnic Greeks have been injured, as reported by MEGA.

More than 80 people have gone to the Greek Consulate in Mariupol from this village, where the Greek element is very strong.

Of the village's 10,000 residents, about 8,000 are ethnic Greeks.

According to the Mayor of Mariupol, a Russian plane that dropped shells in the area last night and this morning has been neutralised by Ukrainian forces.

However, this information remains unconfirmed at this moment as there is no photographic or video evidence.

This latest tragedy comes as another ten ethnic Greeks were killed in Sartana and the village of Buhas on Saturday.

Following Saturday's slaughter of ethnic Greeks, which was blamed on Russia's air force, the Russian embassy said in a statement that the Ukrainian army and its partnered nationalist neo-Nazi battalions have been known for bombing civilians.

The embassy’s announcement in detail:

“We express our deep sorrow over the death and injury of Greek expatriates in the Donbass area.

“For our part, we assure with full responsibility that the objectives of the Russian special military operation are exclusively military units and infrastructure.

“We do not bomb residential areas and villages, nor any political or social infrastructure.

“On the outskirts of the village of Sartana, the Russian Air and Space Forces were not operating today.

“At the same time, we note that the Ukrainian army and neo-Nazi nationalist battalions have been known for many years to strike, even with heavy weapons, at civilians.

“This is proven and officially recorded.

“We warn that the Kiev regime is likely to use the Greek, as well as other ethnic communities living in Ukraine, precisely to provoke and inflate the anti-Russian reaction from abroad.”

In response to the Russian Embassy's statement, a spokesman for the Greek Foreign Ministry said: “Orthodox bombs killed Orthodox expatriates. Remember this thing.”

“And what the Russian embassy said is fake news,” he said, adding: “We have evidence.”

The spokesperson however did not elaborate on the evidence.

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