WITH ALL EYES ON UKRAINE: Erdoğan says European territories belonged to the Ottomans last century


With the entire world's focus on Ukraine, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan remembered that neighbouring countries of Turkey, including Greece, were until the beginning of the last century a part of his own homeland.

Commenting on the developments and the Russian attack on Ukraine, the Turkish president defended Turkey's European identity, saying that it is not only part of Europe because of Eastern Thrace, but also because of its history and culture.

"Turkey and I declare this leaving aside the remaining pages of its history, since the first century of the Ottomans is a European country," the Turkish president said.

"Territories on which many European countries are today, until the beginning of the last century, were parts of our homeland.

"Today, beyond our historical and social ties, with the region of Thrace, we are an integral part of Europe," added Erdoğan, who even in these difficult times for the European continent does not leave aside his neo-Ottoman references and fantasies.

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