Anger in Turkey over a CBS map that showed Istanbul as Greek

Turkey CBS

They are furious in Turkey with the American television network CBS for publishing a map that was shown in a special show of the network, which presented Istanbul to be Greek.

The projection of this map provoked strong reactions in the neighbouring country with angry reactions in the Turkish media.


During the CBS special news program, reference was made to the provisions of the Montreux Treaty on the Bosporus Straits and the intentions of the Turkish government to implement them.

However, the appearance of the map, in which the area of ​​the Straits and Istanbul was depicted in orange, the same colour of Greek territory, angered the Turks.

The electronic press of the Turkish media were also visibly angered by this.

The Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits, often known simply as the Montreux Convention, is an international agreement governing the Bosporus and Dardanelles Straits in Turkey.

Signed on 20 July 1936 at the Montreux Palace in Switzerland, it went into effect on 9 November 1936 and addressed the long-running Straits Question over who should control the strategically vital link between the Black and Mediterranean Seas.

The Montreux Convention regulates maritime traffic through the Black Sea. It guarantees "complete freedom" of passage for all civilian vessels during peacetime and permits Turkey to restrict the passage of navies not belonging to Black Sea states.

Military vessels are limited in number, tonnage and weaponry, with specific provisions governing their mode of entry and duration of stay. Warships must provide advanced notification to Turkish authorities, which, in turn, must inform the parties to the Convention.

While it was designed for a particular geopolitical context, the Montreux Convention remains in effect although it has never been revised and has endured as a "solid example of a rules-based international order" since most of its terms are still followed.

However, there have been some controversies in its implementation, most notably the proposed Kanal Istanbul, which would provide another waterway from the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara, thereby possibly circumventing the Convention.

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