BREAKING: NATO deploys response force for the first time in history to Ukraine's borders


Today the first time in our history we deploy NATO response force, says the alliance's chief Stoltenberg.

The NATO Response Force (NRF) describes itself as "a highly ready and technologically advanced multinational force made up of land, air, maritime and Special Operations Forces (SOF) components that the Alliance can deploy quickly, wherever needed."

"In addition to its operational role, the NRF can be used for greater cooperation in education and training, increased exercises, support for disaster relief and better use of technology, their description adds.

NATO leaders agreed on Friday to immediately deploy elements of the alliance’s emergency military forces, adding troops and firepower to bolster defenses along its Eastern front.

The unprecedented deployment is meant to deter Russia—whose military is currently attacking Ukraine—from attacking Alliance members and to prepare alliance forces to respond quickly should an attack occur.

“We are deploying elements of the NATO Response Force on land, at sea, and in the air,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, at alliance headquarters in Brussels, immediately following the summit.

Alliance leaders had agreed to activate the force on Thursday.

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Stoltenberg said the alliance has never before collectively deployed such a force.

“We have over 100 jets at high alert operating in over 30 different locations. And over 120 ships from the High North to the Mediterranean, including three carrier strike groups,” he said.

“There must be no space for miscalculation or misunderstanding. We will do whatever it takes to defend every ally, and every inch of NATO territory,” he added at the time.

“The world will hold Russia and Belarus accountable for their actions: Russia as the aggressor, Belarus as the enabler,” Stoltenberg continued.

“President Putin’s decision to pursue his aggression against Ukraine is a terrible strategic mistake for which Russia will pay a severe price for years to come,” the alliance chief said.

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