Greek, Cypriots nationals from Ukraine arrive safely in Athens; Greece to welcome Ukrainian refugees


A group of 50 Greek and Cypriot nationals and members of their families that were evacuated recently from Ukraine with the assistance of the Greek diplomatic missions there, were transferred to Greece from Bucharest on a special charter flight, said the Greek Foreign Affairs Ministry on Tuesday evening.

The group had been extracted from the cities of Odessa and Kiev on Monday.

Meanwhile, the Greek government and the Greek Police will facilitate the entry of Ukrainian refugees into the country, in close cooperation with the Ukrainian embassy, Citizen Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos told SKAI radio on Tuesday.

At the same time, "all security measures have been taken at the country's entry points and also at critical targets," he added.

"So far, about 1,500 Ukrainian citizens have entered the country, holding passports with biometric specs," he noted, and he added that "all these people have relatives, friends and acquaintances in Greece."

"We will also facilitate the entry of families with children, always on the condition that a representative of the Ukrainian embassy will participate in order to secure and identify every person who enters Greek territory," he underlined, and said that preparations are currently underway by the ministry of migration to secure accommodation for these refugees.

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