Greece halts fruit and vegetable exports to Ukraine

Greek fruits and vegetables. greek inflation

Fruit and vegetable exports from Greece to Ukraine in 2021 were valued at 17.6 million euros, with the quantity representing just more than 32,000 tons, according to the association of Greek exporters active in the sector.

However, this week the Russian invasion has stopped such exports.

EU-wide fruit/vegetables/juice exports to Ukraine in 2021 were valued at 181.8 million euros or 346,000 tons. Conversely, farm imports from Ukraine were valued at 29.9 million euros, or 44,000 tons, according to Eurostat.

Greek producers have also taken a significant hit due to a Russian embargo on such EU products after 2014. Prior to that year, Greek fruit and vegetable exports to Russia were valued at 164.4 million euros or 140,900 tons.

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