UKRAINIAN CRISIS: Russian tourists to Turkey instead of Greece?

Santorini Greece tourists tourism

All possibilities are on the table for Greek tourism after the bilateral bans decided between Russian companies in Ukraine.

On Monday, Russia decided to ban flights from airlines of 36 countries in response to European Union bans on Russian aircraft.

"Tourism is on the rise and the future is uncertain. As long as the conflict lasts and the sky remains closed from both Europe and Russia, it is impossible to talk about tourism," explained Dimitris Haritidis, director of the Tez Tour Greece.

The possibility remains open for Russian tourists to prefer Turkey and not Greece.

"The mass turnaround will only happen if tickets to Turkey are cheap," he said. "Then Egypt follows in their preferences."

The future of not only Russians but also Ukrainian tourists in Greece is uncertain.

Concern about the issue is also expressed in the circles of the Hotel Chamber of Greece, as the member and president of the Magnesia hoteliers, George Zafeiris, pointed out.

"I want to believe that everything will calm down in Europe and we will get back to normal. Unfortunately, it is once again confirmed that what happens outside Greece always has an impact on the Greek population."

So far, however, there are no cancellations, according to what the tourism agents said to us, but the next period will be decisive.

The problem of spare parts

For his part, Mr. Haritidis sets an important parameter, emphasising the possible problem of a lack of spare parts for Russian planes.

"There is a significant possibility that Boeing, Airbus and other companies in the western world will stop supplying spare parts for Russian aircraft," he said.

"If this is not a crime against traveling passengers and against humanity, then how else can it be described?" asked the director of Tez Tour Greece rhetorically.

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