CNN Türk: “Let’s take the islands that Greece stole from us” (VIDEO)

CNN Türk

Despite the war in Ukraine and other global issues, journalists of the CNN Türk network are "afraid" of a possible Greek attack on Turkey and presented maps of the Aegean islands that Greece is "illegally" occupying and suggested a future Turkish invasion.

All this not in a random marginal TV station, but in one of the largest news networks in the country.

Journalist and presenter Emine Başak Şengül speaks on a show of the network with a map background of the "illegally" equipped islands of Greece.

Initially, she posed her "concern" saying: "Greece equipped the islands which had to be disarmed. Afterall, in this regard, Turkey has recently started to raise its objections from the highest step and stated that the necessary things will be done."

"Is there a question of whether there can be a provocation on the part of Greece against Turkey, as was the case with Russia?" Şengül continued, ending with the question: "In the next period regarding Turkey, is there any thought for a similar move?"

Then, in the same spirit, the sociologist and journalist Hulki Cevizoğlu said that ways must be sought for Turkey to take back the islands from Greece.

“Now we must not fall into the trap, but also somehow get back the occupied Islands," he continued.

"Is it because of this problem (Ukraine) that we should overlook the fact that some of our islands have been occupied? To be inactivate?" Cevizoğlu queried.

"Our islands were occupied, Alexandroupolis was equipped and Greece is constantly harassing Turkey”, Cevizoğlu concluded provocatively.

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