Alleged Fraudster Bill Papas busted luxury shopping in Glyfada, Athens

Alleged fraudster Greek Australia Bill Papas has been 'busted' shopping in the ritzy seaside suburb of Glyfada, in Athens, Greece according to a joint investigation by 60 Minutes, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.
In the 60 minutes episode that aired last night, Tom Steinfort reported how Papas  fled Australia for Greece after he allegedly masterminded  one of Australia's largest corporate fraud worth half billion dollars.
In the 60 minutes footage, Papas is seen with his girlfriend Louise Agostino shopping luxury brands and walking around carefree and without any indication he is troubled by anything.
Statement from Bill Papas:

The reporting and opinions publicly advanced about Forum and other entities have been formulated without the benefit of a contradictor. This is because I have been deprived of the opportunity to fund any meaningful engagement with Federal proceedings commenced by a well-resourced financial institution. I do intend to address the matters raised at an appropriate time but for now, my primary focus is my health.

Meanwhile, as previously reported by Greek City Times, Papas will maintain his grip on Greek football team Xanthi FC after officials ruled he owned the club – despite earlier telling an Australian court the opposite.

The Greek Professional Sports Committee ruled almost three weeks ago that Mr Papas continued to control the high profile Greek football team.

In a statement, the committee said “there was no illegal transfer of the shares” and “the data so far do not show the illegal origin of the money, which was allocated for the increase of the share capital of PAE Xanthi”.

Mr Papas was dragged before the committee late last year to explain statements he’d made to the Federal Court attesting that he’d sold his shares in the company which controlled the Greek Super League 2 side. Mr Papas had told the court he’d sold his shares in Mazcon, the company which owned Xanthi FC.

However, Greek media reports he “did not deny the authenticity of this document, however, he claimed that a statement made in the context of a civil case in an ongoing foreign court does not mean that it is true”.

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