Greek startup company Wealthyhood offers jobs to Ukrainians


The wave of support for the Ukrainian people after the Russian invasion of the country is great in Greece, with many opportunities opened for refugees, including from startup companies like Wealthyhood.

Individually or collectively, all kinds of help is offered in order to alleviate the pain of these people, whose lives changed overnight.

There are many Greek companies that help in every way.

In this context, the Greek interest startup company "Wealthyhood", offers work to Ukrainian programmers and software engineers.

The co-founder and CEO of the company, Alexandros Christodoulakis, posted on LinkedIn, an open invitation to any Ukrainian developer of iOS, Android and Web software engineer, who is interested in relocating or restoring work, to send their CV.

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This is to work remotely or even in the office of Wealthyhood in Athens.

"To all Ukrainian iOS, Android and Web Software Engineers who are affected by the war..." the post began.

"If you need or want to relocate, you can apply to Wealthyhood directly, to work remotely or in our office in Athens!

Drop me a message directly - we'll complete the process in a few days and support you with everything you need along the way!"



As he stated in his post, prospective workers will have the full support of the company, throughout the relocation process and the necessary bureaucratic process.

Wealthyhood is a start up company that allows clients to have greater control over managing their wealth.

The company's website says the app allows them to "enjoy a friendly and personalised user experience. You are always in control over the decision-making."

"Leverage our next-gen tools with insights, automated rebalancing and personalised touch for a smart investing journey," adding: "With no trading fees or commissions, your money can grow to its full potential."

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