POLL: Over 50% of Greeks favour Ukraine but reject sending weapons, 15% support Russia

Ukraine War

Greeks are watching with bated breath all the developments and events in Ukraine since Russian troops started pouring into the country on February 24.

According to a large survey conducted by Interview on behalf of Politic, one in two Greeks (51%) are in favour of the Ukrainian side, 34% do not support any camp, while 15% support Russia.

The sympathy of the Greeks for the Ukrainian people is also evident, seen from the fact that the sanctions imposed on Russia are approved by the majority (63%) of the respondents.

The overwhelming majority of Greeks (83%) are in favour of allowing 12-month residence and work permit for refugees from Ukraine.


According to the results of the poll, the majority of Greeks (54%) do not support the sending of military equipment to Ukraine, which is contrasted by 46% who do support it.

In fact, the majority of respondents are in favour of Greece being neutral.

Specifically, 53% believe that Greek interest is served through neutrality.

However, those who believe that it is in Greece's interest to side with only one side prefer that this should be Ukrainian (37%), while only 3% support support for Russia.


Macron and Zelensky the most popular foreign leaders

In terms of how Greeks judge the heads of state directly or indirectly involved in developments, French President Emmanuel Macron is the one who enjoys the highest popularity (73.6%).


He is followed by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky with 40.7% of Greeks being positively close to his face compared to 47.7%.

Although Zelensky is described as an inexperienced politician, it is indicative that he is now recognised by most media as a "brave young leader".

In third place is US President Joe Biden (34.7%), followed by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (28.6%), Russian President Vladimir Putin (23.4%) and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (17.6%) in last place.

Elsewhere, according to the findings of the poll, the ruling New Democracy party shows a small increase in popularity to 33.5% from 33%, while the main opposition SYRIZA falls from 21.8% to 21.5%.

The surprise is KINAL which reaches 16% (from 14.6%) while the KKE is at 5.1%.

The Hellenic Solution at 4.9% and MeRA25 are at 3.2%.


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