KKE MP Liana Kanelli: "Greece should be outside of NATO to not get involved in games"

liana kanelli KKE

KKE MP Liana Kanelli spoke about the ban on Russian media in Europe, as well as the shipment of weapons to Ukraine from Greece.

Opposing the EU blockade is Communist Party of Greece (KKE) MP Liana Kanelli, who said:

"Every form of prohibition, wherever it comes from, is unacceptable and medieval, especially in a century where technology, speeds, the political dimension are at the forefront of all social networking platforms.

"Cutting off journalists and news outlets from these media does nothing but facilitate political pornography," she said following the closure of Sputnik and RT accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and elsewhere.

"If journalism and the position are to be systematically confused with propaganda whenever it is not in their interest, but free whenever it is in their interest, then all journalism around the world becomes a tool of current leaders," she added.

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At the same time, she expressed the view that if there was an image of Hitler's ovens before we learned about them, then they may not have existed.

"In this war, as in the previous ones, we do not see corpses anywhere, except when we see videos of ISIS massacres circulating," she said.

The ban on the media as the beginning of a new regularity

In addition, the KKE MP estimated that the ban on the media in Europe could be the beginning of a cycle of banning normal life "by declaring a military structure and organisation of great interests in everyday life."

"If this situation continues, then along with journalism, other issues will die and then we will be chasing ... the Dreyfus next door," she said, referring to the much-praised "Dreyfus Case" which was described as one of the greatest judicial errors of all time.

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As a solution, she proposed the return of the media to the hands of the citizens.

"As long as the means of producing news are not in the hands of the people, we will be faced with such overt or covert bans," she continued.

"As the media can construct the image of a leader, in this way, they have the illusion that they can construct the image of the citizen," the MP said.

"Returning to the reading of 'Citizen Kane' will give more answers, as they insist on considering it a Western culture and now they are turning it upside down," Kanelli stressed.

"Greece should not have sent weapons to Ukraine"

Regarding the sending of Greek weapons to Ukraine, the KKE MP made it clear that Greece should not be involved in war preparations and imperialist rivalries.

"Greece has to be outside formations like NATO and independent so as not to get involved in games similar to the ones it accuses its neighbour Erdogan of. When you resist your neighbour's casus belli, you should not be in it at all," she said.

Kanelli reminded that every time Greece talks about weapons, we must not forget that entire US campaigns have been set up on this issue.

"When you send weapons, you can never be sure which hands they will reach," she warned.

"It is also worth remembering that the oligarchs did not and will never have a homeland.

"Although Clausewitz (a Prussian military man and author of The Theory and Practice of War) had said that 'war is the continuation of politics by other means,'  I will personally tell you that globalisation is the continuation of colonialism by other means," Kanelli finalised.

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