Russian embassies defend the invasion of Ukraine

Russian and Greek flags

Russian embassies in European countries defend Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on social media. The activity of these institutions in Greece and Bulgaria caused a wave of criticism.

In most European countries, Russian embassies either do not comment on the war in Ukraine or repeat Russian propaganda.

Pressure is mounting in the Bulgarian capital to expel Russian ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova for insulting comments about Bulgaria and its citizens.

In turn, in Athens, the Russian embassy accused politicians of spreading anti-Russian propaganda and suggested to the Greeks what TV channels they should watch.

It is OPEN TV owned by the Russian-Greek businessman and politician Ivan Savvidis, who was twice elected to the Russian Duma on behalf of Vladimir Putin’s political party.

Savvidis is considered a Russian oligarch by many Greeks, although his name has not yet appeared on any EU sanctions list.

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