The organic donkey milk that is produced in Kozani

donkey milk

In the most beautiful village of Oinoi, just outside Kozani in Western Macedonia, is the family farm Tsichouridis.

Isaac and George Tsichouridis, knowing the unique beneficial and therapeutic properties of donkey milk, set up a separate farm in the last decade on a green area of ​​250 acres, in which they raise donkeys with the sole purpose of producing organic milk.

The milk is processed and pasteurised for human consumption and also pasteurised for industrial use.

gala gaidouras

Donkeys, when not housed, move freely in pastures and feed on organic food produced by themselves and free of chemical fertilisers and herbicides, tested by a certification body.

The farm is open to the public all year round.

You can visit it, to get to know the beautiful and kind donkeys, who, although they have been slandered, will amaze you with their behaviour.

Donkey milk, closest to human, is very nutritious.

It contains less fat than cow milk, has a sweet, light taste and is much more digestible than other types of milk.

For this reason, since antiquity, it was given to babies, cachectic children and people suffering from diseases.

gala gaidouras

As the producers said, "The many beneficial properties of donkey milk have been known since antiquity, from 5000 BC."

"In ancient Egypt donkey milk in combination with herbs was used to cure internal or external inflammation as an oral preparation.

"The ancient Greeks also considered it an excellent remedy.

"Hippocrates recommended it for almost all kinds of diseases and ailments.

"For the ancient Romans, donkey milk was a luxury drink.

"The cosmetic properties of donkey milk have been considered unique since antiquity.

"It is known that the most beautiful women of antiquity used it to care for their skin by bathing in it and making face masks.

"The most famous beauty of antiquity, Queen Cleopatra bathed daily in donkey milk.

"In fact, wherever she traveled, she took with her the necessary 500 donkeys to ensure her daily ritual that was necessary for the preservation of the beauty and youth of her skin."

info: Tsichouridis George, Oinoi Kozani, [email protected] Mobile: 6976629823 - Gala Gaidouras.

Dora Dimitroula is a reporter for Olive Magazine.

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