Human rights activist: "Pakistan's deep state is collapsing, fascism and extremism has clutched us"

Pakistan Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri

According to the chairman of the United Kashmir People's National Party, Pakistan's "deep state" is collapsing under the pressure of "fascism" and "extremism."

Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri said that graves in Pakistan are decided on the basis of caste and that there are many incidents of ethnic cleansing in the country, ANI reported.

He also claimed that Pakistan is destabilised.

“Traps of Fascism, extremism have clutched us," he said. "Democracy solves a lot of problems."

Moreover, he explained that there is a need for free access to the judiciary in the country.

He also slammed the Taliban and said, “It is going on for a very long time. The Taliban cannot tackle the issues of the Afghan people.”

“It is not clear if the peace in Afghanistan will be achieved.”

When asked about his perspective on Russia and Ukraine crisis and its effect on the South Asia region, he said, “[The] world is a global village... the repercussion could be visible.”

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